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    Tonprobleme / Sound problems

    Gerhard Becker Level 1


      Innerhalb eines Films ist ein Clip, bei dem nach etwa 1/3 der Ton weg ist, d. h., die Tonspur

      ist dann nur noch ein Strich.

      Wenn ich den Clip mit einem anderen Medium abspiele, z. B. dem VLC-Player oder dem

      Windows Media Player, dann ist der Ton komplett in Ordnung.



      Within a film is one clip the tone is away after about 1/3, i.e., then the soundtrack is only a line.

      If I play the clip with another medium, for example with the VLC player or the Windows media Player,

      is the sound completely in order.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Gerhard Becker


          What version of Premiere Elements do you have and on what computer operating system is it running?


          What is your project preset?


          What are the properties of your video? Does the video have audio linked to it?


          That is, do you have video on Video 1, the video's linked audio on Audio 1, and a soundtrack on the Soundtrack?


          If that is the case, what are the properties of this Soundtrack content?


          Do you have this problem if you open a new project?


          We will watch for your follow up so that we can plan troubleshooting strategy.


          Thank you.



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            Gerhard Becker Level 1

            Hello ATR!


            I work with „Adobe premiere of element 11“ and still have the operating system

            Windows XP.


            The whole film consists of 211 individual video-clips, from which only this one clip,

            that is approximately in the middle, shows the described mistake.


            What do you exactly mean with "What is your project preset?"?


            Because I am a beginner with the video-treatment, unfortunately, I can give you

            on your other questions no exact answers usable for you.


            Is there the possibility to send you a Short-Cut from the Expert-View,

            because then you would recognize the mistake exactly?


            Please excuse my bad English and many thanks for your efforts!



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              With Premiere Elements 11, the program takes over setting up the project preset in the new project dialog. That project preset should match the properties of your source media. The program makes the set according to the properties of the first file dragged to your Expert view Timeline. The program allows for only one project preset. So, if you have media with mixed properties, priorities need to be set. Sometimes the program does this OK, sometimes not. But, setting the project preset yourself manually is possible via File Menu/New/Project with a check marked next to the "Force Selected Project Settings on this Project". After that then you bring your media into the project and Timeline. But, from what you describe, this may not be the core issue.


              What is the duration of your Timeline with those 211 individual video clips? You may have a resource issue that is mixing in. Premiere Elements 11 is a 32 bit application under the circumstances, with all the resource limitation of 32 bit. Premiere Elements 11 becomes a 64 bit application with more resource opportunities when it is installed on Windows 7 or 8 64 bit or Mac 64 bit.


              If you take the one problem video into a new project (all by itself), do you have the audio problem?


              Some have used a program like Dropbox to post the link for download here. I have downloaded from such an arrangement, but have never setup one up.


              We look forward to your follow up and would be willing to look at a sample of your video.