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    Premiere Elements 12 Problems  ... still quite buggy?

    Lost Carrier

      Hi all,


      I used Premiere Elements 11 up to now. Currently testing Version 12 - which appears to be quite buggy to me... Now I just wanted to make sure that it's not me being too dump to find the correct settings...


      BTW: I'm using a MacBook w/ Retina from 2012 and most current OS X Maverics as well as a freshly updated APE 12 Testversion (...with German Language)...


      1. ...and most anoying one: scrolling in the Timeline left and right on (Apple Magic-)Mouse works now just the other way round than in APE 11 (...which was quite intuitive to me... :-( ) ...I've found some settings for the keyboard, but nothing regarding mouse wheel scroll direction. BTW: is it possible to use up and down scrolling to pan up and down the video-tracks instead of moving back and forth in the timeline (...again).


      2. Most interesting new feature of V 12 is the motion tracking (at least for me):

      a) I can only use motion tracking with those childish graphics and animation. I just want to use it for simple text as the help message suggests should be possible as well. But the button to place texts is disabled when motion tracking is enabled... is there another way to enable motion tracking on a existing text-and/or-graphic-overlay?


      b) I have a lot of videos filmed with a GoPro in upside-down-mode, meaning that I have to rotate the videos by 180 degree in Premiere. Motion tracking appears not to be able to handle that. While objects can be tracked (which is also not too easy as i had to find out) the motion track seems to be way more suitable for the non-rotated video... I've found no way, yet to rotate the track as well (without roating the graphic as well).


      So... unfortunately Version 12 is a bit frustrating up to now... Thanks for your help!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry for your challenges, Losty. I'm having great success with version 12!


          Of course, Mac Retina displays are known for causing problems like the ones you're experiencing. I'd hoped Mac would have fixed this by now.


          You can certainly use your own text, graphic or even a picture-in-picture with Motion Tracking. I demonstrate how in tutorial on the left side of this page. http://Muvipix.com/pe12.php


          As for 2b, I have no idea why you're shooting your videos upside-down, but you certainly are adding an unnecessary level of complexity to your post production. I'd recommend that you first right-side-up your videos in Premiere Elements and then output the finished video using Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the M2T 1920x1080 preset to output the fixed video. You can then use your righted videos in a new project and do all the Motion Tracking you want with it.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Meantime, have you used the fix covered in our FAQs for your Retina display problem?


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              Lost Carrier Level 1

              Thanks for you quick reply.


              However I don't think scroll-direction is a Retina problem. I had to use the fix for V 11 - which worked fine then, but afaik it's ony regarding V11 - not V12... at least V12 does'nt start up with the HandlerTimeline.framework replaced...


              As for 2a) I know that I can replace that graphic with text or something other later on, but quite an indirect workaround - resulting also in difficulties around the actual placement of the text in the final video since the text gets scaled and repositioned due to the motion tracking. Is there another possibility?


              As for 2b) up-side-down is due to the mounting of the camera - less shaky. I know that I can convert them and reimport, but I rather would like to skip this step since I have really a lot of those videos and use only very small parts of it in the final video...

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                2a) Yes. Did you look at my tutorial? It shows you how.

                2b) I don't what to tell you. If you want it to work, you'll have to do it as a two-step process.