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    16Bit DPX sequences not importing into premiere


      HI All

      Long time user of premiere first time poster on here

      Im trying to import a 16 bit DPX sequence into premiere that i exported from speedgrade and it's having none of it, it just says codec missing or unavailable even though it's supposed to be supported


      I'm shooting on phantom and want to export a 16bit DPX sequence for Smoke, so i want to edit with the sequences then export an EDL or AAF so that they can grade but premiere just will not have it at all. I'd cut with the RAW cine files but premiere cant export 16bit DPX's either only 10bit which isnt good enough. I'd even cut with the cine files then send to speedgrade then export dpx but again the new update sends you back to premiere where you cant export about 10bit. Has anybody come across this or am i just doing something wrong


      UPDATE: it's an issue with speedgrade and exporting 16bit DPX, if you export from AE at 16bit DPX it works just fine, Adobe know and are looking into the issue