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    How do I make interactive slides for HTML5?

    JerryPF Level 1

      I need to produce a simple interactive slideshow to HTML5. I'm very new to Flash, but quite experienced in most of the CC suite.


      I followed a tutorial last night and created a slideshow of 4 images and 4 buttons, which worked fine when output to and .swc and HTML wrapper. But when I Published using the Tooklkit Create for JS, the slideshow continuously cycled and the buttons (from the button library – with UP/OVER/DOWN/HIT) flashed and cycled.


      Is the code, that I was prompted to write in the ActionScript, available in a library of snippets? Otherwise, if I start a new project and want slightly different actions, how will I know what code to enter?


      I've used Muse sucessfully and used the Slideshow Widget, editing and placing the forward and back buttons, styling captions and removing the thumbnail option. I can output this as code (Export to HTML), and the preview works fine. I can also open this in Dreamweaver.


      Would I be best advised to continue working in Muse, or will I be missing a whole lot of tricks not using Flash.


      Is there any other Adobe application that would beter suit my task, and allow a CMS?


      Thanks, Jerry