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    Symbols disapear between 2 monitors


      Hello evryone,


      I am having troubles with my animation. I am working with 2 monitors (1Laptop + 1montior 23").

      When I play my animation on the laptop, there is no problem, but when i play it on the other monitor, 2 symbols disapear during the animation.

      It only happens with Chrome navigator. It works fine with Firefox and IE.

      Also if I open first the animation on the laptop screen and then drag it to the other monitor without closing the window, it seems to work fine as well.


      It happens since I created 5 more symbols in my animation. When i delete those 5 symbols, then the animation works well again and the 2 symbols don't disapear anymore (sorry if it s not clear)

      So i am wondering if it can be a problem with the number of elements in my animation (about 40) or if it s a problem with some specific symbols. But I realy wonder why it is working with one monitor but not on the other one...


      Any idea about a solution ?


      Thank you !