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    ios7 App - Question & Answer App




      Looking for some initial direction on creating a new App for that asks questions and provides a response to eventually provide an answer.


      - Can this be created in Flex/Flash?

      - Is this is a more XCode 5 solution?


      Thanks in advance.



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          pauland Level 4

          You can make something like that in just about anything.

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            mikedrevline Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  I really do not know where to start.  Basically, I'm an idiot from the development side.  I have created some basic things with XCode5 for ios7 with basic functionality, that's it.  Can you provide any insight to literally start down this path?  Translating in to (1) do I need to create a DB/table (XML or related) to have the questions present themselves than in a linear way to then move forward with following questions and (2) is Flex/FB the way to go?  I have the Creative Suite plus an Apple Developer License.


            Also, I would be interested in having someone knowledgable train me hourly if that was even an option.

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              pauland Level 4

              Unfortunately I don't have the time to guide you. Your description is pretty vague, but sounds a bit like a quiz, so googling quiz apps might be helpfull. I have made systems that are probably similar to what you seem to want, using Flash and XML files for the questions/content.


              I build a lot of Flash stuff for the iPad these days and would be more likely to use Flash/Xcode/HTML than Flex. It all "depends".


              I don't know what you're experience level is, but at least storyboard the thing first and decide how the questions will be stored and how the thing will work in a general sense before picking the technology. I suspect that your experience is low in front-end technologies if you even need to ask the question.


              Most of my work these days is implementing storyboards supplied by my client.

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                mikedrevline Level 1

                Thanks a ton for what you provided.  Further along mentally then I was with your insight.  I will Google "quiz apps" and start down that path,  Appreciate your time.