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    Text moves after export to PDF

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      InDesign CS5 (7.0.4), Mac OSX 10.6.8


      See screenshots for clarity.

      From InDesign.pngFrom Acrobat.png

      On the left is my InDesign file, on the right is my PDF created by choosing Export > Adobe PDF (Print) > Adobe PDF Preset: Press Quality with bleeds.


      This is two paragraphs in one text box. Why does part of the first paragraph move? It looks like a massive baseline shift was put on.


      Just tested something else. I tried it with different fonts, the copy moves. I retyped it in a new text box, the copy moves. If I don't use the Indent Here character (the dagger), the copy doesn't move (HEY, A CLUE!) So why does the indent here character cause the copy to move in just this paragraph and not in the other 30+ instances in this file?


      To get this job to the printer I copied the affected text boxes to a new layer and hid that layer, then in the first layer I converted just those text boxes to outlines and sent them a new PDF.


      Any insight would be appreciated.


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