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    My Acrobat tab is missing in Office 2013

    PaulFAubin Level 1

      I have office 2013 (Windows 7) and Acrobat XI (Creative Cloud). I have always had an Acrobat tab and have used it successfully many times to create PDFs. Recently it has gone missing. I no longer have the tab, and I can no longer create PDFs. I can still print to PDF, but this does not create any book marks for headings and such in Word, so the PDF is not very useful to me. I frequently create large documents and really need that feature that the ribbon tab gave me to be able to have all the Word headings converted to bookmarks in the PDF.


      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling: Acrobat, the PDF Maker, the PDF Maker and Acrobat, and Office all to no avail. This morning I unistalled Office and Acrobat, rebooted, then reinstalled and still nothing. When you open Options in Word, it shows the addin is not checked (disabled) If i try to check it, it does not take. I mainly create PDFs from Word, so this is my primary concern, but I also checked the other Office apps. In Outlook, it shows it also unchecked with a message below that says there was an error loading. Excel and PointPoint interesting enough show the plugin loaded, but there is still no ribbon tab, nor buttons.


      Here are some images:

      WordAcrobat.png  OutlookAcrobat.png 

      ExcelAcrobat.png  ExcelRibbon.png

      PowerPointAcrobat.png  PowerPointRibbon.png


      So I am at a loss. I am not sure how to fix this problem, or what caused it in the first place. As it used to work just fine on this computer.


      Any assistance is apprecaited. Thank you.

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          PaulFAubin Level 1

          Hello. I actually called in to Adobe support. The tech on the phone solved my issue. He logged into my machine and installed an update. The Creative Cload app said I was up to date, but apparently I wasn't. I am sorry that I do not have the link to the file he installed, but the name of the file is: AcrobatUpd11001.msp


          Anyhow, after installing, we went back into Word and still had to check the box shown above to reenable the add in. But now it works! Thanks Adobe support!

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            Bill@VT Level 7

            When you post, do not expect an immediate answer. We users do not live on this site and check periodically. However, one of us is often around. I was considering replying about doing the updates when I got to your second post. Actually 11.0.01 is even old. You should be able to do updates from the Help menu in Acrobat or download them from http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=1&platform=Windows. The updates generally have to be installed in order (most are not cummulative).


            WORD 2013 was released after Acrobat 11.0.0, requiring the updates for Acrobat to properly operate. Even if a beta was available, Adobe does not generally target the beta for updates since they are often totally different from the final release, wasting a lot of programming time on the part of Adobe.

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              PaulFAubin Level 1

              Hi Bill:


              It's not a matter of expecting an immediate answer. I just wanted to reply back right away to let people know that my problem was solved, and more importantly to post the solution to help anyone else out in the same situation. I post on many forums and you see lots of people ask questions, then either disappear or come back and say "I solved my problem" without saying how they solved it.


              I use Adobe Creative Cloud. It said my Acrobat was up to date. So, as far as I knew, there were no further updates. Thanks for the link though.

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                Bill@VT Level 7

                That is fine. I was just trying to give you a heads up, particularly since calling Adobe usually involves $$ and may not produce an answer. That is why a lot of folks end up on the forums. The disadvantage of the forums is that you have to wait until someone checks in that is aware of a possible solution. In many cases, you might find the solution to be better than what you obtain from support.


                In any case, glad you found a solution.

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                  PaulFAubin Level 1

                  Thanks. I appreciate it.