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    Parameters with Hyperlinks

      We want to include links in our html help projects to certain pages on our website that are available by subscription only. We were hoping to be able to pass the serial number as a parameter when they click the link. The target page would then check the serial number and direct them accordingly. The serial number is stored in the registry, but we could also place it in a configuration file if necessary. Any ideas?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          I may be completely off the mark here but maybe the way to handle this in the absence of any other input is to link to a batch file that could check the subscription and then re-direct them to a HTM page. I'm not aware of a way that RH can handle such a request otherwise.
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            kfielder Level 1
            Thank you for the reply, Colum. (Sorry I didn't acknowledge it sooner, I just got back from a two week vacation.) I've never used a batch file with RH. Is there any information available on how to do that?
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              I am no expert on batch files myself. I tend to leave all this sort of stuff to the experts - my developers. I have dabbled but it depends on what you want to use to produce the batch file in as to what you need. In the first instance, go to your developers who would be able to produce what you require much quicker than you.
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                kfielder Level 1
                Creating the batch file isn't really the problem. I don't know how to link it to the help project. Assuming there's a batch or script out there that does what I want, how do I get the hyperlink in the .chm file to recognize it?
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                  In your last post you refer to a .chm file, but previously you had talked about web pages so I assumed you were using webhelp. It is not possible to pass parameters within a .chm file as these are done with server side software.

                  I just tried linking this forum to my .chm file and it worked fine. Even though it was going to a cold fusion page rather than a static HTML page. I just copied the URL from my browser and linked it in the .chm. It even logged me in automatically. Of course, this only works because my computer "remembers" the login and password.

                  I would think you could achieve what you want if the installation program could write the correct cookies to automate access. Then you would only need to create the link to the web page. I think it would also be possible for the end user to limit their own access with their security level settings, so I'm not sure this is a good idea.