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      Does anyone know if their is a way to leave out or delete the fill-in boxes when creating a form in the FREE version of Adobe Acrobat?

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          Could you please elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish? By "fill-in boxes", are you referring to the input areas associated with text fields?




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            generalfilms Level 1

            Hi Brian,


            Yes I am. I need fill-in boxes at the top of my form but not in the lower portion of it.  I am new to this Adobe Acrobat and just using the free version so not sure what all I can and cannot do.  I also am wondering if I can add page breaks in the form once I’m done creating it? Any help would be appreciated.





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              Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

              Hi Colleen,


              It sounds as though you just want to add text to the lower portion of your form. If that's the case then you'd want to use the Formatted Text item, highlighted in the screenshot below, rather than a Text Field item.




              Yes, you can add page breaks to the form at any time. To add a page break before a form item, you would first select it then click the [+> button, highlighted in the screenshot below, at the top left of the item. That action opens up the inline form item palette, allowing you to insert a page break at that position in the form.