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    InDesign / Best way to export for Web?

    SebastiaoV Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I did an A2 (large size) poster and now i need to have the very same image for Web Mailing on Internet. I guess it will be a 650 pixeles by 800 px.


      Which is the best way to export this content for Internet? 


      1) I notice that if i save the InDesign file to PDF even in the lowest quality the small text keeps crisp and clear while the file is very small size. Unfortunately PDF cannot be used -i think- as embedded images into a mailing list.


      2) If i export the very same InDesign file at the highest posible resolution as JPG -a traditional Internet image standard- the text is blurred and not well defined, besides the file is quite large.


      3) Should i exported to PDF and then open in Photoshop and "Save for the Web" as JPG? Maybe Photoshop has a better exporting engine when regarding to images than InDesign...i don't know.



      How can i find a way to have well defined crisp and clear text, small size and image? I am not sure i could use PDF format here.



      Any help or ideas? that would be great