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    Extracting Embedded Files From a PDF with Adobe.APS


      I'm not sure if this needs to be here in security or if it needs to be in another forum, so if an admin feels it needs to move to a different forum, feel free to.



      The situation I am in is that I get about 100-150 pdf's a day that I need to extract an embeeded file from.  Right now this is a completely manual process and is very time consuming.  What I have been trying to do is automate the process of extraction.



      The issue I am running into is that the files are encrypted with Adobe.APS, and so my java code won't handle the security, and I can't find any other software that handles Adobe.APS.



      I was wondering if Adobe had a product that could do this, or if there was an API that could handle this.  I can perform the extraction on a platform of any flavor (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc...).



      Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciatted.  Thanks.