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    *HELP* Editing vocals - voice too shrill


      I really don't know anything about sound editing, but here's my problem;


      My kid sister is applying to college and wants to submit some of her theater performances. Unfortunately the night her very best performance was recorded, her mic was set higher than everyone else's so she sounds VERY LOUD and shrill.


      I was there and her voice was not like this in person, so I'm hoping to help her get this clip to a more "true to life" state.


      In the clip she's in a musical and is in a duet with a male vocalist. The male is (1) quieter than her (due to the micing) and (2) has a lower voice...but not much lower.


      The way the musical number goes there's almost constant background music, and the vocals vary from solos, to duets, to coversation-like components.


      I've messed around with it for a few hours now, but unfortunately since I have a very basic understanding of this software anyway, I don't even really understand what it is I need to fix about it.


      Using the heads up display to adjust the amplitude makes it quieter, but not relatively enough. It quiets the section I'm editing, but it doesn't really help. Normalizing doesn't seem to be doing the trick either. Pitch adjustment seems to be the wrong thing too...it seems to drastic for what I need. This could (as could everything else) simply be a result of me


      I'm really not sure what it is I need to fix so I need direction. The video clip is here: http://youtu.be/nmbBYgEwNc8


      Also please bear with me, I'm not even proficient in this software or audio stuff in general. I just want to help the kid because I have some time to do so!

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          ryclark Level 6

          The only easy way is to try a bit of Equalisation (EQ) around the shrill frequencies of the female vocal. Try using the 30 Band Graphic Eq to dip down some of the over loud frequencies. However it would probably be better to use the Parametric EQ for this but it needs a bit of practice and/or experience to get the best results.

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            if the other vocalist was recorded on the same track as her unfortunetly when you modify the EQ'ing for her it will modify his, the only thing you can do is make sure the volume is not peaking to cause disortion and EQ the track so that the High's are not over powering, keep in mind once all thing are recorded together you can not modify individual sounds only the over all EQ'ing thats why in a recording studio they record everyone separately.