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    How do I see what I named a hyperlink destination?

    spilled Level 1

      There's got to be an easier way to do this.


      I'm working on an ebook index and making a huge quantity of hyperlink destinations, and then linking to them. But once I make a hyperlink destination (by putting my cursor where I want it and using "New Hyperlink Destination," and then typing a name for the anchor) I don't know how to then go back and see what I named it.


      In the Story Editor I can see the crosshair bookmark symbol thing, telling me I set a destination at a particular place, but I can't click it or highlight or anything to gain more information. Ideally I'd be able to right-click and see properties or something.


      I can see a list of all my destinations in the "Hyperlink Destination Options" list, but even there I can't click one and say "take me there" or whatever.


      What am I missing????


      I'm using InDesign CS6. (Before you recommend using InDesign Index panel and all that, it won't work with the ebook file types I need to format.)