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    Mixing AVCHD 50p and 25p


      Hi everybody !


      I just shot an interview with two cameras.

      One was a DSLR 60D, and the other an AVCHD Panasonic AF-101. There was also a sound recorder getting the sound directly from microphones.

      The thing is the AF-101 was a rented camera and the operator wasn't used to work with it, so it might have been a set-up problem.


      Now we need to edit this footage on Premiere Pro, and that's where the problem begins

      When i import the AF101 footage into Premiere, he tells me that it is 1080/25p (like it's supposed to be from what we wanted), but in VLC i can see that it is 1080/50p, or more precisely :

      "Codec : H264 - MPEG-4AVC (Part 10) (h264)

      Planar 4:2:0 YUV

      Image Frequency : 50"


      When i mix both footage - 60D 1080/25p and the supposely AF101 1080/25p - the footage from the Panasonic is out of sync !

      The sound recorder and the 60D mix perfectly together, but the AF101 is definitely a bit in slow-motion, and Premiere keep teeling me that's 25p.


      When i try to convert it from 50p to 25p, it doesn't change anything (as Premiere already interpreted the footage in 25p).


      I'm reaching my knowledge's limit with this and still the Panasonic footage is the most important for us.

      If there a way at least to put the independant sounds recordings into 50p that would be great.


      I hope someone can provide some hints to resolve this



      Thanks everybody !!