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    Sync styles across multiple templates

    BenLFrey Level 1

      I have an interesting problem, and my "clever" idea for a solution didn't go as well as I had hoped do to an apparent technical limitation in InDesign.


      I have a bunch of InDesign Template documents. They all share Style definitions (Pgph and Char mostly) and attributes. There are about 30 Templates in total for various reasons, and they share probably 25 identical styles.


      Users open a .indt file and drop in content, style it, and go on about their day.


      Well, we need to update a few of those Style definitions, and it doesn't seem to be something that is particularly easy to do. The only way I have figured out to do it is to open a template file, make changes to each style I need to update, and then save over the .indt with a new one.


      It occurred to me that maybe we could put all of the .indt files into an InDesign Book, and use the style-sync feature to update them all, but .indt files aren't valid entries in an .indb file. That was disappointing.


      Is there a better way to do this? Right now I'm looking at a full day of manually updating dozens of Styles across a bunch of Template files, and then facing the prospect that I might have accidentally missed a step or two on some of them, and end up with mismatched styles.


      The ideal solution for me would be some kind of .inds file that just held the style definitions like a .css file does for the web.


      I could just use .indd files for the templates instead of .indt files, but we will end up with users (me included!) saving over the templates by mistake.


      I'm sure there are 3rd party tools that make this possible, but I doubt I would get buy-in on those, and really would it make sense when we might only update these templates every 6 to 24 months? Maybe there is some magical script I don't know about that can do this?