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    Access Cinema DNG RAW controls in Premiere

    needles27 Level 3

      I'm somewhat new to the world of editing with RAW footage, and I know that CinemaDNG is only a day old in Premiere - but I'm wondering if anyone has insight in how to utilize the RAW format to its best capabilities.


      I am able to import my RAW files shot with the BMCC (finally, yay) but unlike working with RED footage, there doesn't seem to be any way to make any changes to the RAW files.  I know with RED, you right-click and access the "Source Settlings" dialogue to be able to work with sliders to tweak color, highlight recovery, etc - all the things you can do with the CinemaDNG files if they are opened in AE, LR or Photoshop with the Adobe Camera Raw controls. 


      In this way with Premiere, it's great to be able to edit with these files, but you don't get much of the benefit from working in RAW.  I would much rather just stick with ProRes, then. 


      Does anyone have any insights into this?