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    New Laptop and it won't allow me to install Flash!




      Sorry this is in the wrong area but these forums are just plain confusing in trying to get this to the Flash forum.  Not sure why Adobe likes to make things overly complicated but I give up trying to figure out how to start a discussion in the Flash forums because every time I try "New" all it gives me is Photoshop start or Browse which doesn't give me a list to choose from just some other dialog.  What's up with that??


      Anyways, I can't get Flash to install on my new Windows 8 laptop.  No, it's not a touch screen sort of laptop, it's just a HP laptop that runs Windows 8 64 bit.  I'm the Admin on it so there should be NO ISSUE in getting this installed and yet when I get to the "Install" screen it redirects me to the main Adobe web site.  So I'm at a loss as to what to do about this.





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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Yes this is the wrong forum for you question. Flash uses hardware acceleration to speed thing up. One of the main reasons Adobe stopped developing it for mobile devices was not because of Steve Jobs it was do to every new mobile device had new hardware. Perhaps your new HP has hardware that flash has no support for.

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            RAMWolff44 Level 1

            Well I was able to obtain a work around download of Flash and it installed fine but Firefox tells me it needs updating so I go out, thinking I'm "IN" finally to update it and I get that issue of not being able to get the update for it.  It's a regular laptop, not a touch screen or one of those new fangled ones for todays world.  In fact it's a refurb so it's probably origin date was a year or so ago before all this MS stuff took off fully.  So not understanding why I'm feeling like I'm being BLOCKED from getting the updated Flash I need and desire.  If I click on the little "X" and tell it to ignore the warning the vid will play just fine but don't want to have to do that every time.  Must be a better way. 


            Again, I'm sorry for posting in the wrong forum, getting this posted in the Flash forum was my desire but the way Adobe has this set up I just couldn't figure it out.  I belong to ALLOT of forums and most are pretty straight forward but this one is confusing!