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    No content imports to Capt 6 from PPT 2010 on Windows 7



      This is my first post to a forum. I will try not to violate etiquette - please be patient.


      I am using Captivate 6 and PowerPoint 2010 on Windows 7.


      I have a PowerPoint presentation that contains just one slide. The slide has animation. The slide starts with an unanimated photo already on the screen; text and additional photos appear in a timed sequence.


      I am trying to import this single-slide PowerPoint file into a Captivate 6 project.


      To do the import, I have tried:

      • Using both programs in Administrator mode and non-Administrator mode.
      • Using File > Import > PowerPoint Slides; Import > PowerPoint Slide; and while on the Library tab, I have clicked the Import icon.
      • Selecting the Linked option and de-selecting it
      • Selecting the High Fidelity option and de-selecting it (when I select High Fidelity, I also select Slide Duration)
      • Advance on click and advance automatically
      • PPT as the format being imported and PPTX as the format being imported.


      After the import completes, Captivate has created a new slide for the imported content and, if I selected to have the slide advance on mouse click, it puts in a click box over the slide. (If I selected for the slide to advance automatically, the click box does not appear.)


      Nothing comes in from PowerPoint.


      In the Library, when I right click on the imported file and select to edit it in PPT, it opens fine and all content appears. Also, the Use Count for the imported file shows as 1.


      If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.


      Thank you.