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    Camera Raw Version 5.7 and Nikon D800E


      Hi everyone,  So with my new Nikon camera (D800E), I now realize that I can do nothing in CS4 with my RAW files. As my current version of Camera Raw is only 5.7 for it. Will I have to upgrade my version to at least CS5 with ACR 6.7 minimum? Maybe go with CS6?  Regards,  Jason Gaughan

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will either have to upgrade your software, or else use the DNG converter to create digital negative copies of your raw files.

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            JEG75 Level 1

            Hello Jim,


            Thank you for the reply! I have read elsewhere that using the DNG converter is a workaround to this. Does this make a copy of the RAW file, plus add a seperate DNG file? Cause I could only imagine how fast my hard drive would fill up with the already HUGE 40MB+ RAW file sizes of the D800E lol. May look into going with Lightroom 5.





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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The reason you can’t read the D800E raws in an old ACR plug-in is because that old ACR plug-in doesn’t know the camera parameters that are embedded in the raw converter.  What the DNG Converter does is takes the original raw data and adds the Adobe-camera parameters and packages everything in a DNG file per the DNG standard.  That DNG contains the raw data plus enough information for older ACR plug-ins to convert the data, as long as you set the compatibility options in the DNG Converter to create the DNG for that age of plug-in.


              If you don’t delete your original files, then yes, the DNG Converter will create files that are also relatively similar in size to the NEFs, although they could be smaller or larger depending on what size of preview you embed an if the NEF compression is better than the DNG compression.


              Lightroom is good.  Check out the LR 5.2 update and run in 30-day trial mode to make sure it is compatible with your computer.  http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/


              You can always do Edit in Elements with LR Adjustments from within LR to get the file over into PSE for the final edits.

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The DNG converter is without question a workaround, and does create additional files. Many people routinely convert their raw images as they download them from the card and use those DNG files as their master files. I don't necessarily recommend that, and don't do it myself. In fact, I prefer not to use DNG at all. But that is just a personal choice.



                Lightroom 5.2 really is an excellent choice. It is an excellent raw processor, and will integrate very well with Photoshop Elements. It's a good investment, and because Camera Raw running under Elements does not have all of the features, you would find that Lightroom will give you some additional control that you haven't had previously. It really is a good choice.

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                  JEG75 Level 1

                  Thanks to both ssprengel and JimHess for the replies.


                  Adding the extra step of the DNG converter isn't something I would like to get into really. The file sizes alone of the D800E are enough already! lol. A gentelman that I deal with at a local camera store, who also still uses CS4 has a similar worklfow, though converting to TIFF using ViewNX 2. He will convert the NEF files to 16 bit TIFF's, then plug away at them in CS4.


                  So far after reading up on Lightroom 5.2, I may just go that route! But, I will have to upgrade my MacBook's OS as I'm currently running 10.5.8.


                  Cheers to both!

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Converting to 16 bit tiff is going to produce a file that is much larger than a DNG file.