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    Paint effect with Illustrator file

    Jon Coyopa Level 1

      I have an Illustrator graphic of a plant that I want to animatate to look like it is growing.  The Stroke effect does not give me that desired look as it just animates the outline of the shape and the Paint effect does not seem to work the same in Creative Cloud as it did in prevoius versions of AE.


      I have a few questions.  Can you not use the paint tool on Illustrator files?  If I try to double click the layer to open in the layer window, the computer beeps.  I have to right click to open in the layer window.  I also cannot not use the paint tool on the AI file once it is loaded in the layer window.  As a test, I saved the AI files as a PSD and tried to use the paint tool to create my animation and it appears that no longer use that tool to reveal an image.  I can just animate the strokes.


      Is there a way to use the Stroke effect the way I want to or is there another way to create my animation.