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    sendLayerThumbnailToNetworkClient excluding some layers

    skacperski Level 1

      I am writing a photoshop generator plugin.

      What I need is to get/save object/layer group but excluding few inner layers just as they were hidden.

      So I have document id, layer id and array of sub layer ids that I want to exclude.


      1. Is it possible to exclude some sub layers using "sendLayerThumbnailToNetworkClient" action?

      2. If not there is a second option that I will hide unwanted layers for a moment, then use "sendLayerThumbnailToNetworkClient" and make them visible again. But as I get document info from "generator.getDocumentInfo()" I have document ID and layer ID of the layer that I want to hide. How I can hide layer using document ID and layer ID?


      3. Where I can find docs / api list about actions like "sendLayerThumbnailToNetworkClient"? I searched online and photoshop SDK but cant find any api list...