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    put w/ images


      I had a problem and if someone could help me clear any doubts, I was trying to get a button to zoom in an image (pre- built website) and I noticed since I can't view the image in design view I couldn't use put so i could view the image on chrome browser.


      Well the problems are why did I have to right click and put each image, why couldn't i just put the whole file and view images (if i did every image would show error), and how could i just put an image as a pop up (remember pre-built website so writing code is not necesary)

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          It is unclear to me exactly what you are asking.  You have a pre-built website and you are attempting to add photos to it using FormsCentral?  Or you are using an embedded form in you web page and images are not appearing on the embedded form?  Some clarification please.