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    Download Issue


      My coworkers and I need to download from small to very large PDF files from a particular website. Up until recently we could do this with no problem. Now all at once we can't download even a 2 page PDF from this website but can download large (500+ pages) from any other site. Any ideas why this would be happening?


      Machines are Windows 7. Browsers are IE9, IE10, Chrome, and Firefox.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Downloading doesn't require the use of Adobe Reader so I'm guessing there may be some more details that you could supply?


          How are you downloading?

          Are you getting an error during the download (in other words, what exactly happens)?

          Are you using a browser? If so, which one?

          In case it does have something to do with Reader, it would be helpful to know the exact version you have.

          Might also be helpful if you could post a link to the site with the problem PDF's.