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    What is the "in point" in multicam sync?

    ElJayBronx Level 2

      Making a multi-cam sequences out of two heavily-trimmed sequences (yes I KNOW it'll ultimately result in a TRIPLE-nested sequence). But the camera guy messed up the beginning of the overture, and I have eight other performances (MAGIC FLUTE and I'm the company videographer but not the camera person for this shoot). So the plan is to graft the overture from a different show, then mark in-points on the sequence from the wide camera and the close-up unit that exactly match an audio cue.


      PROBLEM: We know that an in-point on a sequence (created by pressing "i") will mark a specific frame, so we mark them and then, in the Create Multi-cam Sequence dialogue, choose to sync to "in-points". But the software syncs to the beginning of the sequence which has the overture still playing in one version while the dragon is being slain by the Three Ladies in the other.


      Adobe TS explains that "in-point" in the context of the multi-cam dialog means "the beginning of the sequence". Am I the only one confused here? After getting advice from TS to mark the clips at the clip level and join the clips, rather than sequences built from the clips, into a multi-cam source, I was able to easily sync but I lost all my editing and think it's more risky to have to trim a multi-cam than trim a sequence before building the multi-cam. There doesn't seem to be a way to sync it from the edited sequences.


      My gripe is with the use of the words "in-point" in the dialog box. If they really meant "beginning of the sequence" and the intention was to just line up the sequence starts with one another they should say so, instead of using words that mean something else in similar contexts (i.e. setting in and out-points in a sequence). Better yet, ADD the feature to line the sequences up at in-points or out-points!!!