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    How to download Abobe's aam video tutorials?

    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Totally bizarre ...


      Saw a listing of CC training videos within Adobe, right here:




      Supposedly the most recently updated one on using the new CC release P-Pro, SpeedGrade, and AE ones. So ... I went there.  I chose the "recently updated" Premiere-Pro one ... this one:




      You can't play, you can only download. Right, easy enough, done this a billion times, right? And I tried to download. Um .


      Stupidly innocent me again ...


      Nope. First, click on 'download' and a box pops up, choices ... which to do you want to use to download your video?


      Options ... "Pdapp.exe" or "Adobe Download Assistant.exe" or "CreativeCloudURIHandler". Right.


      Tried the download assistant one ... got a box to intall that sub-program, did so. But ... after doing so ... the ONLY choices there were Premiere Elements, and not another program! No video, no nothing. Ok, that's stupid to offer as an option ... let's try the other one with an icon, the "Pdapp.exe" one, right?


      Um ... that pops up the Adobe Cloud window of installed programs, and ... stops. No download, no ... squat.


      One last thing to try ... the "CreativeCloudURIHandler" ... um, nope to that one either. Again, it just pops up the Adobe Cloud mini-screen listing of downloaded programs.


      Tried clicking on the "help" bar back at the main screen for the first trip above, and got ... sent to the Premiere Pro forum.


      I've no clue what to do to get those videos to download. Help?