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    Sometimes it's just the little things...

    Shane P Level 3

      I just updated all the video apps and I am very pleased.


      1) I am THRILLED    that we have the OPTION of having sequence markers ripple. I begged for that as a feature request for I don't know how long. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This single feature is worth the update for me alone.


      2) When CS6 was relased I did not really like the "Fat" trim/ripple trim indicators. I am very happy they went on a diet and are nice and "tight" looking now lol.


      Along with the slew of new features in this update (and last update), PP CC is rockin' !


      As minor as they are those are my top 2 fav features.


      The PP Team is doing an excellent job. I run Win 7 Pro on a very modest machine and PPRO and the oher video apps run like butter for me.


      PP, AE, PS, AU, PL, AI, AME...the best software on the planet IMO for $50 a month? I feel like I'm stealing.


      Now Encore was still a part of the "All Star" team I'd have to start blowing kisses...hahaha!


      Seriously, keep up the GREAT work PPRO team!



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          1. That is nice, but I found out today, it doesn't quite go far enough.  I usually add sequence markers to the editing sequence, which serve to mark where I want to put the Chapter Markers in the final output sequence.  It's great that when revising that edit sequence, the markers move, but I'm still faced with manually moving the Chapter markers one at a time.


          So close...


          2. Yeah, that is a nice design change.  Makes selection a bit easier.