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    Live logger not bringing Ipad Timecode into Prelude

    smith.c.m Level 1

      Hi There,

      Just started playing around with live logger, and am looking to implement on a live sports broadcast this month.

      I just logged some marker points that have time of day timecode that corresponds with the time of day timecode recorded on some of my clips. When i import the .xmp it seems to loose the "Time of Day" and start at "00:00:00:00", where as the associated text file remebers the time of day in the logging of these marker points, am I missing a setting here? Is there any way for the markers keep their time of day and apply this across a range of clips.. ??(See attached pic)

      Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 4.37.48 pm.png


      From the .txt file:

      Log Name: Surfing

      Log Author:

      Log Location:

      Timecode of first marker: 20:42:41



      Marker: 001

      Tags: YELLOW

      20:42:41 to 20:42:45 (4 seconds)

      Comment: <none>



      Marker: 002

      Tags: description

      20:42:44 to 20:42:48 (4 seconds)

      Comment: <none>



      Marker: 003

      Tags: Score

      20:42:46 to 20:42:50 (4 seconds)

      Comment: <none>



      Marker: 004

      Tags: Score

      20:42:49 to 20:42:53 (4 seconds)

      Comment: <none>



      Marker: 005

      Tags: YELLOW

      20:42:52 to 20:42:56 (4 seconds)

      Comment: <none>



      Marker: 006

      Tags: WHITE

      20:42:55 to 20:42:59 (4 seconds)

      Comment: <none>



      Marker: 007

      Tags: Score

      20:42:57 to 20:43:01 (4 seconds)

      Comment: <none>



      Marker: 008

      Tags: YELLOW

      20:43:02 to 20:43:06 (4 seconds)

      Comment: <none>



      Marker: 009

      Tags: <none>

      20:43:04 to 20:43:08 (4 seconds)

      Comment: Test a comment



      Keen to use this software and just want try and iron out any bugs so it works for our workflow