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    Premiere Pro CC only using 30% CPU and none of the GPU

    janprusak Level 1


      I’m very new to video editing (actually I have no Idea what H264, or avi or mp4 or mov is, I just need the video to work) and I have never used Premiere Pro before. Now I'm trying the CC 7.0 trial.

      My goal is to achieve the fastest rendering times possible.


      Today I have upgraded my PC for maximal performance in video editing:

      Intel i7 4930K (12threads)

      Radeon 6950 (2GB)

      16GB RAM



      I have a recorded video of me playing a PC game in .avi 2552*1348 resolution (2560*1440 monitor without some borders).

      I have set export to H.264 and settings to match source (resolution 2552*1348, 30 FPS, Progressive, Square pixels, NTSC, main, 5.0).

      But when rendering (no effects, just cutting) the program only uses 22-45% of the entire CPU and none of the GPU.

      The best result with this stress was cca 1:1 rendering:movie length. I'm using 16GB RAM, I tried 32GB and 64GB and the stress on CPU and GPU was the same and the rendering times changed only slightly.

      I have an SSD and the read write speeds during rendering are 1-9 MB/s so there is plenty of performance left.


      Frankly, this 1:1 performance offers Power Director 11 which I have been using so far. (When editing 1080p the ratio in PP is cca 1:2,5, the same as in Power Director.)


      So when the disks are idle, the GPU is idle, more RAM changes nothing and the CPU only works on 1/3 its capacity, what is the bottleneck?


      I want to use 100% of the CPU and 100% of the GPU and have the rendering:movie say 0,3:1 or so.

      What can I change to fully use the processing power of my computer?