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    Error 1137 with Scrolling... Help?


      Okay, so the thing tells me that I have Error 1137, that it's expecting no more arguments than 1. I want to get the monster to scroll with the background.


      Here's what I've set up for the scrolling under the enter frame handler.


                                    var temporaryX:int = background.x;

                                    var temporaryY:int = background.y;


                                    var scroll_Vx:int = background.x - temporaryX;

                                    var scroll_Vy:int = background.y - temporaryY;


      Scroll(monster, scroll_Vx, scroll_Vy);


      The Green is where the error comes up. I also have a called method for scrolling, which looks like this:






                import flash.display.Sprite;

                public class Scroll


                          public function Scroll(gameObject:Sprite, scroll_Vx:int, scroll_Vy:int):void


                                    gameObject.x += scroll_Vx;

                                    gameObject.y += scroll_Vy;






      I just really want some assistance. Anything would be appreciated.