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    Problems getting FLV-files to show on web site

    arneberg1 Level 1

      Using Flash CS3 on Windows 7.


      I have a web site that contains several FLV-clips. You can choose the clip you want to see from the right-hand-side menu. But when you click one of the menu options, you get a green rotating bar in the play control, and below that - as you may just be able to see on the image below - a dark stripe indicating the caching deverlopment.


      When caching has finished, nothing hapens except that the green rotating bar disappers. The video does not start to play and the play controls ("Pause", "Rewind", "Fast forward" etc.) does not respond.


      However, as an example, let's say you choose the first menu item ("A shoe thing") and let the "rolling green bar" roll for some 8-10 seconds, then chooses another video (i.e. "Snowbath"), and then quickly returns to "A shoe thing", then this video now plays correctly and without the green rotating bar in the play control.




      When making my Flash project, I have used the File > Import > Import Video-option. I have tried to experiment with the bufferTime for the video component, but in vain. I have tried to embed the video in a movie clip and place that on the time line instead of the FLV-component. No change.


      My internet connection has a measured download speed of 8.783 kbit/sec, so that shouldn't be the reason either.