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    CS6 and GPU fix for MPE hardware acceleration

    Burnfield Level 1

      The problem of this hack not working has been covered in a number of discussions so why raise it again. The solutions that resolved others problems are not working for my card! Tough luck I guess.


      My card is the ASUS Radeon HD 7950 CU2 3GD5 V2 and everything I have read says by doing the hack (card name in the opencl txt file) CS6 should offer hardware acceleration for the MPE.


      I have the latest drivers from AMD and am using windows 8.1 but GPUsniffer still does not recognise my card. I have tried various forms of the cards name in the txt file, still no luck.


      I've posted this because I have run out of ideas to try - any suggstions would be welcome. I have even reinstalled CS6 but no luck. Photoshop sees my card ok!!!!! I feel sure it is something simple that is not set correctly or perhaps the order in which things should be updated/installed. Any suggestions short of signing up for CC rental would be welcome!