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    exporting non-looping (single frame) swf file


      I am using a third-party application to create a "page-flipping" version of a book. For quality reasons, I want to export the pages of the document as swf files. When I import the resulting swf files to the application, they flicker at the default frame rate of 24 fps. When I open the swf file in Flash Player, if I hit the "play" button, it flickers as well. If I use the "next frame" and "previous frame" commands, it's apparent that the file has two frames, one with the page content, the other with a blank (white) appearance.


      Is there a way to export the pages as *SINGLE* frame swf files?


      In desperation I've tried to export the pages as .fla files and generate the swf files from Flash, but the layouts are significantly corrupted when I open the fla files in Flash.


      FYI, I'm using InDesign CS6.