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    IE Active Content + Dynamically Loaded Swfs...any help?


      I've recently become aware of the whole IE active content problem and I followed the tutorial at http://activecontent.blogspot.com/ to adjust my html files accordingly. However I have one site located at: http://www.mrdodson.com/SavannahSucks/SavannahSucks.html which loads several swfs dynamically. However in IE none of the swfs will start loading until you click on one of the markers which, unfortunately locks the user into a zoomed in view with no way of exiting until the external file finishes loading. Can anyone provide any suggestion on how I can get around this? Should I load the clips in a different fashion or can it be resolved by adding something to the HTML? I'm a recent grad trying to finish up my portfolio and this is really holding me back. Many thanks for any suggestions.