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    Upgrade Question, CS5 Ext. to CS6 (base version)


        I have Ps CS5 Extended and wonder if I can upgrade to CS6 (not extended version) and retain my CS5 Extended capabilties? Reason is, I'm looking for the new "Adaptive Wide Angle" Filter offered in both versions of CS6 (Extended and base versions) for use with my GoPro video fisheye problems. Upgrade to CS6 Ext = $400.00, upgrade to CS6 = $200.00. Or, is there any way of aquiring this Filter as a plugin or aftermarket version from somewhere else?

        I know the filter is offered in both CS6 versions and that CS5 Extended does not have it. I don't want to lose my CS5 "Extended" capabilities by upgrading to the non extended version of CS6 just for the filter, any idea's?