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    Why are my five second dissolves and keyframes reduced to one second by H264s?

    old pro

      I am a rookie and have a dissolve problem.


      I want to fade in a title over five seconds--and have done it successfully in the timeline with cross-dissolve and with keyframed opacity.


      Both ways look fine in the timeline but when I burn an H264 the title dissolves in about one second instead of the slow dissolve of five seconds I want.


      Wierdly, when I burn an H264 of the title clip alone it fades in the desired five seconds, but when I burn it with other clips it only goes for five seconds.


      Also I put both cross-dissolve and keyframed opacity on the title clip in the timeline, it burned with the five second dissolve I wanted, but I have so many transitions, it will take the rest of my lifetime to put those two things in manually.


      I see the post about the Film Presets that Jim Simon posted back in May 2012. I am wondering if using a preset of some kind would solve the problem…