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    PPCC 7.1 Media Cache

    ActionCamStudio Level 1


      Today i've noticed a strange situation: i have two separate HD to store my AE and PP CC cache. The one for AE is a SSD. With the new update, i can't set different locations for media cache in AE and PP anymore (i can have AE disc cache in a different location,but the media cache and database no). This means that now Premiere media cache is in the same location of AE media cache. This never happens before. Is it normal?

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          NilsW Level 1

          I think you have to distinguish between Media Cache Files, Media Cache Database (defined for all Adobe Video Tools together) and the After Effects Disk Cache. The AE Disk Cache can be defined seperately.

          This is the common behavior since - well I don't know - a long time

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            From an efficiency standpoint, you'd not want to separate the PP and AE Media Cache and Database.  The whole point is for Adobe programs to share that.

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              ActionCamStudio Level 1

              Yes, what i mean is that i can set the AE disc cache to my SSD, and this is correct, but before the upgrade i was able to set a different path for media cache file and database from AE and PP. Thank you Nils and Jim for the reply,now i know that this is the right way, same location for sharing.

              Just a question, is this a new feature of the update? I swear that before i can separate the path!