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    Incompatible Display Driver and Premiere Won't Start


      I have a Samsung NP700Z5B-SO1UB w/ AMD Radeon HD 6490M running Windows 7 64 bit.  I can run Elements and Organizer, but Premiere won't start.  I have tried to run Premiere both from the Organizer and from its own start up dialog box. I also get the Incompatible Display error when trying to start either Elements or Premiere.  I have updated the display driver to the latest released driver (non-beta) and then deleted the bad driver file as mentioned in the faqs. Still there is no change.


      Any suggestions?



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements do you have running on Windows 7 64 bit?


          Sounds like you covered the usual ways for dealing with this type of issue, but...


          Is this a "it never worked before" or "it worked before but not now" type of issue?


          When you checked your video card driver dating, did you do so at the web site of the manufacturer of the video card? If not, please double check on that out.


          As for the BadDrivers.txt file, the usually remedies these types of Incompatible Display error issues. The rationale behind it can be found in post 10 of this older Premiere Elements 9 thread when BadDrivers.txt file come into its own in the troubleshooting scheme of things.



          There are been many problems with Premiere Elements 10 and NVIDIA video card drivers. These were remedied for the time being by rolling back the driver. Have you tried that with your Premiere Elements ? and your AMD Radeon HD 6490M video card driver?


          Have you eliminated other overall contributory factors

          a. latest version of QuickTime installed on the same computer with Premiere Elements

          b. running Premiere Elements as Run As Administrator or from a User Account with Administrative Privileges.


          Please review the above and then we will decide what next.





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            tootalled Level 1

            Thank you for your very quick response.  This is a never worked before issue as i just bought the software.  PRE is v12.0 (20130903.main.557123).


            I have not tried to roll back the driver yet. I will do that if all else fails. The current driver came from the manufacturer website.  I used their automatic detect and load software to install the driver. I don't really know if that driver was actually different than the one that was already installed. So I can rol back to the last driver I had but that didn't work either.  I could look to see if I can get an older driver from the manufacturer or I can try the beta of the next version.


            My Quicktime software is up to date.


            I have verified that my account type in Win 7 is an admin.  I tried to tun PRE as admin (right click and select run as admin)  but i had already checked the settings so that it launches ORG first. So I know I'm running ORG as admin but I don't know if that extends to running PRE from ORG, if it is run as admin. I'd like to undo that if you know how.





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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Right click the desktop icon for Premiere Elements, select Properties, and look  for the Run As Administrator check off under the Compatibility Tab or any other of the Tabs there.


              Please let us know if you are OK with that.


              There is another user tonight with Premiere Elements 12 and ADM video card driver issues. I suggested to this user to contact Adobe to see if it has any insights into these display card problems. You might want to take advantage of that idea in the hopes of picking up some Adobe undocumented information of this type of issue. That does not prohibit us from continuing to work through the details here.


              Your intro to this approach would be to contact Adobe, initially through its Adobe Chat.

              After you click on the following link, click on "I still need help." to bring up the Adobe Chat pop up.

              http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=premiere-elements&topic=downloading-installing -and-setting-up


              Please let us know of your progress.





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                tootalled Level 1



                Thanks for all your help.  For some reason everything is working now.  What I ended up doing was uninstalling the AMD driver manager which also uninstalled all the drivers.  When downloading the latest drivers it comes with the manager.  Then i reinstalled the driver manager with the latest drivers, rebooted and it started working.  No incompatible driver error & PRE starts up really quick.  I can't explain why.


                Thanks again for all your help.



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up. That was really great troubleshooting. Well done.


                  I think that I will suggest that to the other user who posted tonight. I will credit you for the troubleshooting suggestion.


                  Continuing success.


                  Glad for the opportunity to help.