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    Premiere Pro CC 7.1 Interface Freezes


      I had this problem before, but now it's very specific. 


      If I drag an effect or transition (audio or video) into a sequence, the user interface locks up.  The timeline won't move, the effects window won't open options (click on the triangle doesn't do anything), highlighting clips doesn't highlight.


      I can play the timeline, or scrub, but just clicking on it doesn't move the marker.


      Now, to get it responsive again, all I do is 'reset workspace' (which someone suggested against 7.0).  Of course this resizes all my windows, but the system works again until I drag in a new effect/transition.


      Some Specifics:

      Windows 7, 64 bit, Professional

      30GB Ram

      Nvidia GTX 560ti Card, and the problem is the same with Mercury Hardware or Software

      Driver: 327.23


      Of course, CS6 works perfectly.


      I've tried clearing preferences, no help.


      Any ideas?