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    Linking Ae with Speedgrade looks/luts

    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I'm sending this in as a "feature request" though to me it's a dang bug ... (sigh)


      So there's this great new linking of Prem-Pro, Speedgrade, and other CC apps, right? Welllllllllll .... not entirely correct ...


      Even though you can flip right over from P-Pro to do a grade of a clip or two, then pop right back to P-Pro ... as soon as you head out to Ae, well ... screw the grading you did, it ain't there.


      But wait ... it sure can be there ... IF you saved your grade as a look/lut in Sg, you can to to Effects/Utilities/Apply Color LUT's, go find that one, and ... bingo, Ae CAN apply your grade just lickety split. Ain't that nice?


      So ... Ae CAN read all the data that Sg and P-Pro can see and pass forth and back, it just doesn't automatically apply the grading you do in Sg. Because, I'm told, it doesn't have the Lumetri Deep Color Engine (great fancy name, isn't it?). Yet ... it sure can apply what you've done as soon as you manually tell it where to look for the data on what you've done.


      I've been told this is the "natural" and "normal" way that "everyone has always done it" ... one should edit first, then do the titles/effects, and ONLY then does one ever grade. Um ... what if you want your titles over graded footage? Well, it's "normal" then to treat that bit of footage very, very differently from the exact same footage before/after the titles ... really? Why all the extra work? And yes, there are 'work-arounds' ... but as the software really CAN read the dang data, why not just apply it automatically like P-Pro can do?


      Complete the link, Adobe ... bring Ae fully into the loop!



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          It's a lot of extra work to be able to handle all of the Speedgrade adjustments in After Effects. It's work that we are doing in hopes of releasing a version of After Effects with these features next year. The ability to apply a look through the Apply Color LUT effect is a small subset that only includes global color adjustments, without masks, secondaries, etc.