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    How to make the lens flare's gradient maintain a nice transparency


      Hi, I've been playing with a fun tutorial that produced a sun burst, with some help I got the image layers they way I wanted them and masked, but when I save them for the web the gradient used to colour the different pieces doesn't display the way I'd like it too.  The image is one of four that I'm using to create a flickering effect on load. This (http://www.casensitive.ca/index.html) this is a really basic example I posted, the first one has a black background while the other is transparent.  The different masks for the layers to remove their black backgrounds was grabbed by ctrl clicking the rgb layer.  The issue arises in the last two images of the sequence which have a lens flare, easier to see with a couple example images:


      What it looks like in photoshop and the way I'd like it to look like on the web (first image on example site) but with ability to see background behind it on the website.



      A quick glimpse of my layers, this particular layer is the only visible layer below + it's colour gradient above it.  The mask was added to get rid of the black background on the main layer (blended: using screen, and is visible below), but the lens flare I used has a halo (which I like) that causes all the issues.  The gradient (blended: using "colour") also has a mask otherwise it colours the whole image and I want to be able to scroll it over a outspace background, the colour would effect the look and with no background the gradient becomes the background.


      Before saving to a .png file for the web, I can see the mask is not soft, but if not constrained it floods the entire image and I don't know how to constrain it and fade it


      Either way it produces an horrible halo,  This is what I get as an end result when displayed, not only the halo but the Crayon filter around the letters is very course due to the masking


      Sooo sorry for the huge explanation, but in a perfect world it would look like this (done in photoshop for example)




      I think that's as clear as I can make it, hopefully that's enough.  Thanks for any help