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    Adobe Illustrator CS6 Splash Screen Bug


      Hello, everyone!


      Sorry to bother with such a seemingly insignificant issue, but I have been Googling this for literally over a year, and it's finally come to a head, and I just need to know what the trouble is. I've never been able to find someone else who has had this issue, and it's making me feel like I'm crazy. Here's what has happened. When I was using CS5.5, I never had any issues as far as functionality, but I always l dealt with this simple, nagging bug.



      For some reason, the Illustrator [ONLY ILLUSTRATOR] splash screen always displayed the loading commands with this glitched-out looking white blocky outline. I endured it for a whole generation, and just longed for the day I could upgrade and be free from this random, inexplicable  aberration. Well, as luck would have it, I finally was able to upgrade this year, and I even upgraded the OS to Windows 8, but lo and behold, the white corruption is still with me.


      Sigh. Has anyone else ever seen or heard of this? I've reinstalled the entire package five times or more. I've used the Adobe Cleaner Tool, I've done everything I can imagine. On the Mac side of my PC, I have no issues. Any help or insight you could offer would be much appreciated.