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    CC 7.1: Ridiculous render times since upgrading to mavericks


      This is my first time editing a project in Premiere Pro CC7.1 since upgrading to Mavericks. Playback was running very glitchy while trying to play a very simple composition imported from AE. Just a basic motion graphic, nothing too heavy. My computer froze and reset 2 times while trying to play it before rendering, so I am now rendering the sequence to see if this will solve the issue and it's rendering 1 frame every 15-20 seconds.


      In the past this same operation would have taken 10-15 seconds total to render.


      I'm using a brand new MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2.7GHz with 16GB of RAM.


      Has anyone else had this issue and/or any suggestions on how to fix it?


      Thanks in advance!!

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          gardnersirhc Level 1

          I have been seeing this and a wide variety of similar problems - the Adobe-Mac community appears to be exploding on the issue of CC and Macs/Mavericks esp. in the last few weeks. A ton of problems people are having after a recent update of Adobe CC program or programs. I see blame being tossed everywhere, and this doesn't look like it's going to die down and go away by itself.


          Just my .02, but...


          1. Every major OS upgrade is going to throw off problems with 3rd party (and even 1st party) software as developers identify and squash bugs and incompatibilities - this can take months to work itself out. And is a predicable outcome from having multiple programmers working independently on anything that works together.
          2. Rolling back an OS is often not a viable option. Rolling back a software update is usually easier. Messing about with lots of moving parts can easily compound a problem. So can skipping a step in a complicated set of instructions or following the wrong set of instructions.


          A recommendation based on my personal opinion & 20+ years of experience: Don't try to roll back Mavericks, but do roll back to the previous version of CC (before 7.1). If you use Time Machine (and it ran after the Mavericks upgrade and before the CC 7.1 update), this should be pretty easy to do.


          • Take the time to first make a complete & manual backup of your system to an external drive (if you've got the money, a clone of your hard drive, otherwise an image of your hard drive on something other than your internal hard drive), and a separate live backup of your personal files on an external drive. Just in case...


          If you don't/didn't use Time Capsule or the above didn't solve the problem, then you might need to consider one of two options:


          1. Uninstall CC completely, and install CC 'one version' prior to the one that gave you problems. So if you're using Pr 7.1, go back to 7.0. Here's instructions on how to completely remove CC: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs5-cleaner-tool-installation-problems.html and here's instructions for how to get an older version of a CC program: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/download-previous-versions-creative-applications. html or http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=98&platform=Macintosh
          2. Rollback the OS to Mountain Lion, but recognize this isn't a trivial exercise and may result in compounding problems, esp. if you ignore a first step of taking a complete backup and/or don't follow the instructions to the letter. Here's a tutorial: https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-6162


          Here's a related thread (one of many) with useful info: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5983648#5983648


          Like brain surgery (which I've had!), results can vary from one system to another, and you need to own treating every computer as a unique entity. It's hard to exactly replicate a problem even with identical hardware and software/OS. That's another way of saying that all of this is not an iron-clad fix for your problems (my disclaimer) - use at your own risk.


          And when you're out of the heat of the moment, please take this opportunity to learn the lesson of backup (that 97% of computer users haven't), and recognize that Time Machine is so very worthwhile to have in your wheelhouse.


          Those of us in production environments (or not) can certainly choose to play the blame game, but imo these problems are a result of all our choices:


          • Apple for not allowing more extensive beta testing
          • Adobe for not taking full advantage of said beta testing
          • Power/production users for upgrading anything in a production environment before a) enough time has gone by that show-stopper problems are both identified and resolved and/or b) deploying on a non-production machine and fully testing before trying it out on a production machine.


          Being in a production environment to me equates to balancing a need for current software/features against having a stable working environment. I generally put more emphasis on the latter. This is another lesson to learn once you're beyond the heat of the moment and to then keep in your wheelhouse.


          And please Adobe:

          1. Own the problem (even if you don't publicly admit it here or anywhere else - I'm personally fine with that)
          2. Don't point fingers, it stirs a pot not worth stirring
          3. Figure out the problem and fix it! It's gonna take time, so please get started if you haven't already.


          Giving us progress updates would be nice, but if that's too hard or reputationally risky, skip that but keep working on fixing the problem. Please?

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


            Thanks for your thoughtful post and welcome to the community. There's some very good troubleshooting steps and important rules of thumb for upgrading software in a post-production environment here.


            Our ongoing beta program we call "prerelease" is actually pretty extensive. We also have the product improvement program. We read every feature request and interact with our customers constantly. Sorry you have the impression that we are not taking advantage of this feedback. I believe that we are.


            As far as owning our own problems, we do that on a regular basis. Count up the multitude of posts made by Premiere Pro engineering right here in these forums. In those posts we ask for crash reports, sample files, and more. Please have a look if you have not already done so.


            We are doing our best to solve issues, but there are so many variables that this isn't always so easy. We are working hard, but please exercise patience if you can. We try and give updates if we can, but because we are a publicly traded company, some of that must remain confidential. I hope you understand.


            Thanks again,