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    problems with POST while loading URL


      POST while loading URL in AS1 doesn't work anymore . Do you know why?


      I haven't changed anything neither on the flash nor in the CGI and nothing is working anymore. When I load an URL from flash using the POST method the data are not transferred anymore !! If I replace the POST by a GET data are transferred.


      Do something has been changed in a last release of the flash player?



      By the way, I have run a test with AS3 and I have the same problem. It is very strange because it was working fine last Thursday !



      I have gone further in my research:


      getURL(_root.AdrCGI+"Menu", "_self", "POST");


      if you replace "_self" by "_blank", it works.

      if you use firefox as browser, it works

      if you use internet explorer version 8, it works

      if you use internet explorer 11, it doesn't work but if you add your site in the trusted site list, then it works !!


      The problem is definetly related to security constraints set in the latest version of microsoft explorer 11. It seems that the option allowScriptAccess="always" is not anymore recognized.