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    Loving 7.1 update, but Multi-Cam stuck in low-res

    mbrannon47 Level 1

      One of the best updates that came with 7.1 was the ability to see the output composition in the multicam preview. VERY helpful for previewing effects (especially crops, resizes, etc.) without having to switch back to composition view so often.


      The problem is now the multi-camera preview monitor forces the output into a lower resolution (1/4 preview or so). This isn't a hardware/driver issue as it worked fine on 7.0.1; wondering if there's a way to force the preview output to full resoltution.


      Media type is M2V video-only stream (I work with hundreds of files that match these parameters)

      File Size: 2.2 GB

      Image Size: 720 x 480

      Frame Rate: 23.976

      Total Duration: 00:39:12:06

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.2121