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    Image folders

    transwebjp Level 1

      I have two animations  in one particular folder (Two different animation file is allocated in two pages.) One of  "Images" folder has to be renamed to avoid conflict.  I can't see any sign of img_src in js files.  Default name "Images" is really annoying me.  When you creat new animation, is there any way to customise file and folder name?

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey transwebjb,


          Try this:


          1. Create a new composition. Save it.

          2. Copy your desired image folder (let's say "new images") into the folder of your saved composition

          3. Import images in your new composition from the new images folder


          Animate will now source the images from the new folder.




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            transwebjp Level 1

            Somehow edge lost the path and didn't work.  I had to create a new folder in DW to accomodate a set pf edge annimation files + thepage.html .  Your method works when you have a fresh composition,  So from now on, I have to be aware of the folder name by all means  Thank you very much for help, but adobe should update more sofisticated file/folder system.