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    SWF's are displaced when using IE10


      My web site (siberweb.dk) consists of 6 HTML-frames.


      In two of these frames different SWF-files are loaded, depending on the viewers choice in the menus, and these two frames are fixed sizes. The remaining four frames contains just a "flat" blue coloured HTML-file to fill out the viewers screen, and thus these frames are made scalable. In the illustration below you can see which is what:


      When viewing the web site in Mozilla Firefox all the SWF's are located in its right place and scaled to its right size.


      However, when viewing the same site in IE10, after a few clicks the SWF files becomes either downscaled, displaced or both as in this illustration (the white gaps):



      As you may notice, the left-hand-side SWF is left-centered in the frame - the right-and-side SWF is attached to the upper left corner. So the behaviour of the SWFs and/or the frames are not alike.


      I suspect IE10 to be the culprit, but it could also be that...


      • my SWF files are lacking something (fx. an AS2 command) and as a result of that the HTML-frames are not properly cleared before loading the next SWF file (although they seem to be when using Firefox).


      • my SWF files are lacking something (fx. an AS2 command) and as a result of that the SWF files are allowed to scale within the HTML-frame


      • my HTML files are lacking something that allows the SWF's to be scaled and/or displaced.


      • Adobe Flash Player 11,9,900,117 has an issue in its corelation with IE10


      And since IE is probably the most used browser on the market, I would ofcourse like my website to look its best in IE as well. So I'd be very grateful for any thoughts that could bring my SWFs back to their right size and their right place in IE too...