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    Sliding Text


      Is there any to generate sliding text binding to database in flex? I used htmlText properties add javascript which was unsuccesfull. Sequence effect can be used but I dont know how I can slide text continously? Flash may is solution. But Is it only one way?

      Thanks in advance.
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          m_hartnett Level 3
          When you say sliding text what do you mean.
          Do you want it to print like a stock ticker?
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            GmotesX Level 1
            I apologize for bad explanation of my problem. My aim is I will create news panel texts coming bottom and goes up. How can I do in flex?

            Thanks in advance..
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              m_hartnett Level 3
              Sorry for the delay in response.
              News scrollers are not as easy to build as they might seem.

              It involves adding your news items to some container.
              associating a Move or Sequence effect object to the news item and playing the effect.
              Each item must be removed from the container as it scrolls out of view or in the endEffectHandler.

              Google 'flash news scroller' to see a bunch of stuff ( a lot of it for free). Most of the scrollers allow you to define its source from xml.

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                peterent Level 2
                I have such a component and can send it directly to you; I will be posting it on my blog shortly. Please send me your email address.