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    Urgent question:can you replace source video and automatically have AE swap clips in timeline?


      Hi there


      Have an urgent question. I have finished editing a project that has been edited from pre-exported videos, but the problem is that i have been notified last minute if it is possible to change parts of it!


      Is is possible to change and re-render the pre-exported clips at same length that are affected and then replace the 'source footage' in after effects to have it automatically swap the clips that I've edited and cut up already? As it would take a very messy and extremely long time to manually change all the trimmed parts!


      It is only a small section of the source clip I need to change, but the overall composition edits are fine so I don't really need to touch that, it's just really to replace the footage but have everything to stay the exact same.


      Please advise!


      Appreciate this if anyone can! fairly urgent