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    I really need help

      So I am making a website for a clan gameing team. They want a little sign up sheet where they can send the info to his email. I have all of the questions up with all the boxes to fill out. I was wondering if there was a way that I can make a button that will allow the user that wants to join the team to put all his info on this page and then click done and it will send the page with all the info to his email.
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          You would need to use some sort of script to do this. What server language is available to use on this server (ie: PHP, ASP, etc)?
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            I think it is PHP....I am not sure though.
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              I am actually using SMF...I can use PHP if it would help
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                > I am actually using SMF...I can use PHP if it would help


                That's a forum written in php/mysql
                So it's running on the site, then you can use php on regular php pages.

                What you need to is make an html page with the form, and set the form's
                action to point to a form handling script on the server.

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                What does the hosting's FAQ/support pages say about form to email scripts?
                Is there a hosting control panel or CPanel? If yes- look in there.

                If you can use PHP scripting, here's a quick list of instructions for a
                particular script:
                Refer to the docs folder in the expanded zip file for more info.

                1)go to http://boaddrink.com -->phpformmail
                download it.

                extract the ZIP file.

                2) open formmail.php in dreamweaver
                Make the following changes (in code view, turn line numbers on)

                line 4,
                define('CHECK_REFERER', true);
                change to:
                define('CHECK_REFERER', false);

                reason: too many people use a firewall or Norton security to restrict this.

                Line 43
                $referers = array('www.example.com', 'example.com');
                change to the url address of your web site.

                reason: this probably isn't needed since we just turned the referrer
                checking off. but change it anyway.

                2c)  *this is to hard-code the recipient address into the php
                file, where it is totally invisible *
                Line 46
                $recipient_array = array();
                change to:
                $recipient_array = array('me' => 'youremailaddr...@example.com);

                **of course, replace youremailaddr...@example.com  with the email address
                you want to receive the form data
                reason: this sets the email address the form results will be sent to.

                2d) give the script a default "From" address to use.
                Go to line 41
                define('FROM', null);
                define('FROM', 'Example Name <e...@example.com>');
                substituting your name and email address.

                3) now do a File-->Save As and save this file to within this Local Site
                folder. save it as anythingyouwant.php

                4) in dw's File Panel, find anythingyouwant.php and upload it to the remote

                5) Now open your form html file in dreamweaver,

                5a)click the mouse into the form area, and select the <form> tag on the
                lower left margin of the design window.
                In the Property Inspector, it should now show the properties of the <form>
                tag. In the Property Inspector, to the right of the ACTION line, click the
                folder icon and browse to and select the anythingyouwant.php file
                you've saved to within this site.

                5b) now go to dw menu-->Insert-->Form Objects-->Hidden Field
                This inserts a hidden form field.
                In the property inspector, change the NAME/ID of this field to: recipient
                And the VALUE of this field to: me
                the code should look like:
                <input name="recipient" type="hidden" id="recipient" value="me">
                This tells the script to use the "me" recipient_alias value as the email
                address to send the form to.

                5c: Do you have a form field to collect the user's email address?
                If yes, if this field is named exactly "email" then the script will use the
                user's email as the reply to in the outgoing email

                6) Save and upload the form page.

                Try the form from the website.

                1-make a new page for a thank you for submitting message.
                In the form, insert another hidden field.
                Name: redirect
                Value:  the full absolute http:// address to the new thank you page.
                If you don't set a redirect value- the form script will build a "thank you,
                here is what you submitted" page. If you want to use that dynamic page-
                upload the .css file that it uses.

                2- If you have a field in the form to collect the visitor's email address,
                IF you name this field  in the form exactly    email   then the visitor's
                email address will be the Reply To address in the outgoing email.

                There are 30 or so other optional form fields to control the form- see the
                readme in the docs folder. One of those optional control fields is

                Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver